Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Washington

Role of Criminal Defense Lawyers in Washington

What do DUIs, assaults, and reckless burning have in common? They are all criminal charges, which can come with lifelong ramifications.

If you ever face these charges, it is important to know what to do. There is no better professional to ask than a criminal defense attorney.

What does a good criminal defense lawyer do exactly? Let’s discuss.

What does a good criminal defense lawyer do?

The criminal defense lawyer job description includes a little bit of everything. They file paperwork, provide guidance through the legal process, and treat clients with professionalism and respect no matter what.

Here are some more fun facts on the role of a criminal defense lawyer in Washington does:

#1: They review evidence.

It should never feel like you are in it alone when you face a criminal charge, as long as you are backed by a dependable, trustworthy defense attorney. Quality lawyers evaluate all evidence in your case and will give you their honest feedback on the likelihood of a conviction.

They will also take you by the hand through every step in the legal process, from the initial arraignment to trial. You can trust them to maintain confidentiality at all times.

#2: They defend you in court.

That is the major difference between a defense lawyer vs. a prosecutor. A criminal defense attorney represents you and argues your case in court, whereas a prosecutor aims to convict you.

The defense attorney’s role is vital in criminal cases. A good, prepared lawyer will look for any issues within your case that are grounds for an immediate dismissal. They will also present all facts and evidence before the judge and jury and cross-examine witnesses on your behalf.

#3: They offer custom legal advice.

At any point, a criminal defense attorney can settle the case with the prosecutor. A good criminal defense attorney will only recommend a plea bargain if it is in your case’s best interest. Otherwise, they will recommend continuing as planned toward the end goal: a dismissal, lowered charges, or a “not guilty” verdict.

The right attorney looks at the bigger picture, in addition to the small details. All of these factors can influence your case, which is why the best attorneys spend time reviewing your case in detail before making any recommendations.

#4: They inform you of the best and worst-case scenarios.

Your case can go a few different ways depending on the evidence against you and the strength of your arguments. Any criminal defense lawyer worth their money will explain the charges against you, in addition to the potential outcomes.

It is vital to give your attorney all the facts and not withhold information. That will ensure that they can present the best argument for your case, which can ultimately cause the most favorable result.

Key Takeaway

Criminal defense attorneys are vital for those facing criminal charges. What a criminal defense lawyer does can vary from case to case. In general, they go over evidence, argue your case in court, and provide legal counsel.

Once you find out what you are being charged with, the best thing to do is contact a lawyer. Having a Washington law expert on your side who knows the ins and outs of your case type can make all the difference.

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