• Debtor Entitled to Post-Petition Wages in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Conversion

    Individual debtors who find it difficult to pay all their debts generally have two options for obtaining debt relief under the Bankruptcy Code — either through a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition. Filing under the appropriate Chapter will depend on the specific circumstances of the debtor and the desired outcome, ideally determined by…

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    Ex US Congressman Kerry Bentivolio recently made headlines as he filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, revealing a stark financial situation. In his bankruptcy filing, Bentivolio declared possessing only $100 in cash and $200 in a savings account, juxtaposed against a substantial burden of close to $300,000 in debts and unpaid bills. The decision by the…

  • Two US Banks to Delete Records of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Borrowers

    Debt Discharge Lawsuits in Washington Amidst lawsuits filed by former debtors, whose debts were discharged in various bankruptcy proceedings – including Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings, two major US banks have announced their plans to delete negative credit reporting records of some borrowers. These debt discharge lawsuits in Washington and similar actions in other states have…

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    The Economist recently reported that about 1 million Americans filed for bankruptcy in the previous year. Bankruptcy proceedings filed by individuals may fall under Chapter 7 or 13, depending on the circumstances of the petitioner. Chapter 7 petitions generally provide qualified debtors with a fresh start by wiping out most debt. However, the current application…

Washington Bankruptcy Forms and Required Information

Getting started is easy. You can download our Washington Bankruptcy Forms in Word or PDF format. When you’re done simply return them to our office:

*  During normal business hours 8:30 am – 5:00 pm;

*  Return them after-hours by placing them in our drop box right next to our door;

*  Email the Forms back to us @ Erin.McAleer@McAleerlaw.net ; or

*  Fax the forms back to us at (360) 356-1920

Whatever you decide we’ll begin working on your case as soon as receive them, and we will confirm with you by email or phone that we’ve received your documents.

Step 1 –Complete Our Required Disclosure Washington bankruptcy forms

Download these forms, read them, sign them and return them.

Important Information About Your Bankruptcy CasePDF
Mandatory Bankruptcy Disclosure FormPDF

Step 2–Complete Our Required Informational Washington bankruptcy forms

Bankruptcy  QuestionnairePDF

Step 3–Complete Pre-Filing Credit Counseling

Return the Certificate of Completion for each person filing.

Recommended Providers:

Debtor CCwww.debtorcc.org
Big Step Trainingwww.bigsteptraining.org

Step 4–Gather Certain Documents for Us

*  Bankruptcy Document ChecklistPDF
*  Paystubs for the last full 6 months before filing.

*  Proof of any other income for the last full 6 months before filing (Unemployment, Social Security, Pensions, Rent You Collected, State Aid such as Cash and Food Benefits, Support Received from Others, or any other source of income whether taxable or not.)

*  3 full months of Bank Statements from all Checking, Savings, or Money Market Accounts.

*  2013 & 2012 Tax Returns (Including W-2’s, 1099’s and all schedules filed with the IRS.

*  A Copy of your Registration for all Vehicles.

*  Copy of the Sales Contract for any Vehicles Purchased within the Last 90 days.

Own A Business?

*  Profit and Loss (P&L) for the last 6 full months

*  Business Budget

*  Balance Sheets

Have Questions? By All Means Call Or Email Us for Immediate Assistance.

We’re here for you in your time of need. Call us if you have any questions or concerns. We’re not like some other local bankruptcy attorneys who only are interested in having you figuring things out for yourself by directing to their legal staff, or their website. When you call you’ll speak with a real attorney about your issues no matter how small, or an attorney will return your call promptly.

Still Need a Free Consultation?

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The Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer represents clients throughout Southwest Washington State, including in Clark County, Cowlitz County, and Skamania County and Vancouver, Battle Ground, Camas, La Center, Ridgefield, Washougal, Woodland, Yacolt, Castle Rock, Kalama, Kelso, Longview, North Bonneville, and Stevenson. Attorney Erin Bradley McAleer focuses on the areas of Criminal Defense, Bankruptcy, Traffic Infractions, Landlord Tenant, Personal Injury, Firearm Rights Restoration, and Post-Conviction Relief (Vacating & Sealing Criminal Records).