Mr. Schinabeck is a practicing attorney in the State of Washington, with a wide variety of legal knowledge in the areas of criminal law, family law, civil litigation, infraction defense, and various issues that may arise for individuals. Primarily practicing in the area of Clark County, he can also take cases located in Cowlitz County, Skamania, Klickitat County, and cities like Battle Ground, Ridgefield, Camas and Washougal. Prior to admittance to the bar association, Ms. Schinabeck was a paralegal for 2 years at the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer getting hands on experience and knowledge through assisting all attorneys at the firm. Seeking for Trusted Legal representation in Clark County? Attorney Schinabeck is your trusted guide through complex legal matters.

Before practicing law, Mr. Schinabeck worked in a variety of fields that include elementary school level child care, elderly care at retirement homes, service industry work, and other areas that have allowed him the opportunity to learn personable communications and empathy to any and all individuals. As well, Mr. Schinabeck is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle filled with exercise and loving relationships with those around him. He is part of a soccer team located here in Clark County that plays every Wednesday, snowboards during the winters, is an active runner, and is always ready to engage in some type of activity that gets him moving. Mr. Schinabeck has always been proactive and a hard-worker, evidenced by his astounding accomplishment to achieve his Bachelors degree at the young age of 20 years old. Further, he is of Hispanic heritage and is proud of that fact and having a direct tie to a minority group in America that has been stereotyped and in need of assistance.

Mr. Schinabeck’s history with the law has been ongoing for many years. His education was focused on political science and international affairs with the idea being that this knowledge would bolster him and help prior to law school, which it did. Mr. Schinabeck attended undergrad in Texas where he was raised, and law school in Ohio. During law school Mr. Schinabeck participated in legal clinics in the community as well as general community service. He also did a study abroad in law school to South Korea and Japan, where in each country he had the opportunity to observe the legal communities and visited the South Korean General Assembly as well as the Japanese Supreme Courthouse.

Mr. Schinabeck was admitted to the Washington State Bar in 2023, and has been rapidly gaining experience and wisdom through his own practice as well as the personal observation and assistance of other attorneys at the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer. He is a team player and always willing to help in whatever way he can. Feel free to reach out to him directly with any questions that you may have and he is happy to listen and possibly assist you in your matter.


  • Texas A&M University Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (2015)
  • Minor in International Affairs
  • University of Akron School of Law (2020)