Understanding Reckless Endangerment Charges

Reckless endangerment is a serious offense in Washington State, carrying significant legal consequences. Understanding common scenarios that lead to reckless endangerment charges, a general overview of how its defined and the steps to take when facing such allegations will allow for a more seamless process. Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer is dedicated to getting you best possible result while keeping you updated and informed along the whole process.

Defining Reckless Endangerment

According to RCW 9A.36.050, reckless endangerment occurs when an individual recklessly engages in conduct that creates a substantial risk of death or serious physical injury to another person. Unlike some crimes, the prosecutor is not required to prove that the person intended to cause harm. Reckless endangerment is classified as a gross misdemeanor, punishable by up to a $5000 fine and up to 364 days in jail.

Common Scenarios Resulting in Reckless Endangerment Charges

Reckless endangerment charges can arise from various situations where individuals engage in reckless behavior that poses a risk to others’ safety. For instance, someone may face charges if a firearm accidentally discharges while cleaning it, causing physical and emotional damage to neighboring residents. Similarly, reckless target-shooting in wooded areas can lead to charges if bullets ricochet and cause property damage or endanger nearby individuals.

Additionally, individuals driving under the influence with passengers in the vehicle may face reckless endangerment charges. In such cases, each passenger may lead to separate charges, compounding legal consequences for the driver.

Navigating Reckless Endangerment Allegations

If charged with reckless endangerment, seeking legal counsel is imperative. An experienced attorney can advise you on the best course of action to minimize the impact of the charges on your future. Depending on the circumstances, your attorney may explore options such as a Compromise of a Misdemeanor, where restitution is made to the alleged victim to settle the issue civilly.

Participation in relevant classes, such as firearm safety courses, may also demonstrate proactive steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. Your attorney may also challenge the prosecution’s case by proving that there was no substantial risk of serious physical injury or death or that the alleged conduct was not reckless.

Facing charges of reckless endangerment can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate the legal process alone. Our team at the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer is here to provide personalized legal guidance and advocacy. If you’ve been charged with reckless endangerment, contact us at (360) 334-6277 for a consultation.

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