DUI violations in Washington

Ever been ‘under the influence’ of alcohol while driving something other than a car? Checkout these wild and strange DUI violations in Washington. From dolphin-back to bikes, horse-drawn buggies to golf carts, there are as many moving violation types for drinkers in the state than you ever thought possible, including DUI violations in Washington. Which do you think is the weirdes?


An Amish man was arrested for driving while intoxicated in his horse-drawn buggy after drinking about 12 beers. He told police he was a “bad Amish”.

On a dare a man started up a steamroller, but drove it into a car. Police, realizing he was intoxicated, arrested him.

If you are intoxicated and let another intoxicated person drive your car, both you and the driver can be charged with a DUI in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

An intoxicated, off-duty FDNY firefighter stole a fire truck to respond to a fire. Police placed him under arrest in the fire truck.

A helicopter pilot was arrested by police after flying erratically. The pilot had to turn over his pilot’s license to be released from jail.

Thousands of Waxwing birds in Sweden became intoxicated by gorging on fermenting berries. About 50 lost their lives by flying into nearby windows.

To impress his girlfriend, a drunk Indiana man stole a two-engine plane and drove it down the taxiway. He was arrested after he missed the runway and drove it into a soybean field.

A Kansas Attorney General issued the legal opinion that drinking on an airliner was forbidden by state law while the plane was in airspace over “dry” Kansas. His opinion was widely ridiculed in legal circles.

In Kent, England, two drunken men were arrested for grabbing a dolphin swimming near the shore and trying to ride it home.

While in some countries the penalty for DUI can be death (yes, that death), in Uruguay intoxication is a legal excuse to having an accident while driving.

A New Jersey man was charged and convicted with DUI after joyriding intoxicated on a tiny pocket bike.

An Oregon man was arrested for DUI on an adult tricycle. Police stopped him after he rode down the wrong side of the road and rolled a stop sign.

A Michigan man was charged with DUI for driving his lawnmower home from the liquor store during a snowstorm with a BAC over 2.5 times the legal limit.

It is a crime for anyone other than a licensed dealer to bring any alcohol in any quantity into Utah.

An Australian man was arrested for riding his skateboard intoxicated. Police spotted him weaving through traffic at midnight while drinking rum.

A UK man was arrested for DUI for driving a pink Barbie car at over 2x the legal BAC.

A Florida man was arrested driving a go-kart at 4:00 am. Reportedly too drunk to stand up, he said he was on his way to McDonald’s.

While driving a Christmas parade float drunk, a man passed another float and sped off. After driving another – and its riders – for three miles, he stopped, fought with officers, and was arrested on over three dozen criminal charges.

A New York man was charged with DUI after police saw him swerving on the sidewalk on a motorized cooler.

A drunken joy rider stole a mobility scooter and ran people off the sidewalks – at a top speed of 6 mph. His BAC was 2x the legal limit.

In Spain, a drunk disabled man was stopped by police while driving his motorized bed down the road. He said he was on his way to see a local prostitute.

A German man in a wheelchair was arrested for DUI and registered over 10x the legal BAC limit.

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