Washington State v. TM

Practice Area:

Outcome: Plead to 1 Count Theft 1, Sentenced to 35 days Work Crew 7 Days Jail. Prosecutor originally seeking 35 Months Prison

12 Counts of Felony Theft 2 – Over 20K

Washington State v. RH

Practice Area:

Outcome: Reduced to Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor

Assault 2 Strangulation (Felony) – Prosecution seeking 50 Months Detention.

City of Vancouver v. KB

Practice Area:

Outcome: Reduced to Non-Criminal Infraction

Violation of a No Contact Order & Harassment

State v. IW

Practice Area:

Outcome: DUI Dismissed – Ticket Dismiss – DOL Hearing Won

DUI Refusal after car accident – Full dismissal after filing motion to suppress evidence.

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