child custody

In the United States, child custody laws vary from state to state. Yet, one thing remains the same: kids deserve a happy, healthy, and safe environment to call home.

In our practice of family law, child custody is one of our specialties, and we approach it with careful attention to ensure your little ones benefit the most.

Let’s talk a little about what to expect regarding child custody in Washington State.

Family Law: Child Custody in Washington State

To secure child custody in our neck of the woods, you will need a parenting plan. Most parents work with a family law attorney to decide what is best. If the parents or guardians do not agree, a trial may be the next step. (Do not worry. We have you covered if the case makes it to trial.)

The law does not sway to one parent or another. In general, the court considers each parent’s role in the child’s life when granting a parenting plan, which you should compile before meeting the judge.

In many cases, one parent gets full custody while the other parent may visit. Joint custody is also an option if both parents are in a good place to provide for the child.

Relocating to a separate part of town or moving to another state can make things trickier, possibly requiring a child to change schools. You can work with an attorney to determine how to split days and holidays with the other parent and decide which school is right for your child.

Here are some answers to FAQs regarding child custody in our area:

  • Who has custody when the parents are not married in Washington State? The mother will gain custody until and if the father gets a paternity test and a court order is in place.
  • How can you win a custody case in Washington State? Proving you have the financial means to care for the child and maintaining a healthy home environment can help in the custody battle.

When to Retain a Child Custody Attorney

A family law/child custody attorney is for anyone looking to file for custody or modify an existing parenting plan. Also, if you are in the middle of a divorce or legal separation, it is crucial to find quality legal representation to define each parent’s rights regarding the children.

Child custody cases can be long at times. A child custody lawyer can make sure no steps are missed in the filing process, and your case looks the best in the court’s eyes. When you work with us, we will simplify the parenting plan process so that it is easy to follow and leaves no room for confusion or misinterpretation.

Key Takeaway

Here at our law office, we help with a little bit of everything, including family law. Child custody is one of our top focuses, and we will utilize all resources to ensure your little ones receive the best outcome.

Many factors influence parenting plans in Washington State, but have no fear. We will put your family’s best interests first and do what we can to get the result you desire.

No child custody case is too complicated for the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer. Request a consultation today with one of our family law attorneys.