Criteria and Considerations for Mental Health Court in Clark County

The Mental Health Court (MHC) in Clark County provides both misdemeanor and felony cases. MHC is a specialized alternative treatment program for offenders with serious mental illness. By choosing a “pre-plea” option, participants who are prepared to dedicate themselves to the program can take advantage of an inclusive approach. The program attempts to discharge charges after successful completion. Additionally, it provides a transformative path for persons ready to make good life choices.

How Can I Participate in the MHC program?

To engage in this program, participants must opt for the “pre-plea” option, which involves waiving their right to a speedy and jury trial. Additionally, they must agree to a stipulated facts trial if the case is terminated or opted out. Participants commit to entering and adhering to the terms outlined in the program agreement. Successfully completing the program leads to the dismissal of pending charges, offering a transformative opportunity for those actively seeking positive life changes.Top of Form

Am I Eligible for this Program?

In Clark County participation in the Mental Health Court Program requires an applicant to:

  • Reside in Clark County and be over the age of 18.
  • Have a diagnosis of a major mental disorder and/or a co-occurring substance abuse problem, and express a voluntary desire for this treatment option.
  • Have a capacity to understand legal proceedings’ consequences and fully understand the expectations and conditions outlined in the Mental Health Court agreement.
  • Must get approval for the pre-plea program from the Prosecuting Attorney or Vancouver City Attorney’s Office.

What are some Disqualifications for this Program?
There are a few factors that may disqualify participation in this program which include but is not limited to:

  • Having a criminal history involving serious violent offenses.
  • Having any pending charges or outstanding warrants in any jurisdiction.

Who are some Key Players in this Program?

· Defense Attorney (your attorney)

· Prosecuting Attorney/City Attorney

· MHC Coordinator

· Treatment Agency Representatives

· Probation Officer from Clark County District Court Probation Division

· Law Enforcement Representative

Prior to every Mental Health Court (MHC) session, the team will get together to review your case and assess how well you are adhering to MHC regulations and managing your rehabilitation. During the court session, we will discuss these findings with you. The Judicial Assistant, Superior Court Clerk, MHC Program Associate, and representatives of many community organizations and service agencies are among the other people you might see on a daily basis in court.

How Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer can Help:

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Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer would be happy to designate an attorney to talk to you about this specialized alternative treatment program. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and if you are likely to qualify. Please note the information in this article is a tool for general information about Mental Health Court. If you would like more information, it is highly advised to reach out to an attorney. More details and specifics can be found on the court’s website at . Also please keep in mind there are similar programs in other counties. If you have a similar occurring issue or would like to talk about further options call (360) 334-6277 to schedule an appointment today!