Signs of a Bad Criminal Lawyer in Washington

Signs of a Bad Criminal Lawyer in Washington

Facing a DUI or other criminal charge can be a lot to absorb. You need a criminal defense attorney who is professional, experienced, and engaged in your case at all times.

Many attorneys are up for the task, but there are some signs of a bad criminal lawyer to watch out for in your search for legal counsel.

3 Signs of a Bad Criminal Lawyer in Washington

Switching attorneys may be uncomfortable at first, but it might be for the best. Here are some signs of a bad criminal lawyer that warrant new legal representation:

1: They encourage you to plead guilty at arraignment.

An arraignment is when you meet before the court to hear why you are being charged. Unless your attorney has a good reason for you to plead guilty at arraignment, it is not advised. Contrary to popular belief, pleading guilty at arraignment does not mean the court will take it easier on you. In many cases, it could mean the opposite.

2: It takes days to hear back.

Our attorneys’ schedules get booked up fast. However, we always have time for our clients. A good criminal lawyer should respond within a timely manner–not leave you hanging–especially when it concerns your case status.

3: There is no clear legal strategy.

In law, there is a rhyme and reason for everything. From the initial consultation to trial, your criminal defense attorney should keep you in the loop about what to expect next. That will ensure you always know what is happening with your case, along with why you must take specific steps.

How to Tell If a Lawyer Is Good

Now that you know a few ways your lawyer is bad, let’s talk about how to know if your attorney is good.

1: The fee agreement is transparent.
Just as an attorney should be upfront about your case, they should also be upfront about their fees. Concise fees and quotes suggest that your lawyer is one of the good ones.

2: They ask the right questions.
Good lawyers are strategic. They practice active listening so that they make sure you are heard and that no question goes unanswered. That allows them to approach your case with a better understanding of how to dismiss the charges or gain a “not guilty” verdict.

3: They are relentless.
The best lawyers do not give up. No matter what happens in your case, they remain focused on looking for evidence and arguments that they can use to get your desired outcome.

Key Takeaway
It is not hard to tell the difference between a good vs. bad lawyer. Poor legal calls and long response periods are a few signs of a bad criminal lawyer.

The question is: what is there to do when your attorney ignores you? Simple. Seek new legal representation. A good lawyer keeps you up to date and involved every step of the way.

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