How Do I Get My Firearm or Gun Rights Back or Restored?

Restoring firearm rights in Washington

Restoring firearm rights in Washington

Enough Time Passed Since My Conviction, Why Can’t I Buy a Gun?

The second amendment is a symbol of liberty that many people in Washington state value. Firearms are used for a number of purposes whether used recreationally or for self-defense. Losing your right to bear arms due to a past conviction can be upsetting, and even if at least five years have passed without receiving another conviction, you may discover that your right to bear arms is not automatically restored. While many believe their gun rights get reinstated after a certain period of time, this is simply not the case. The state of Washington requires a set of pleadings including a petition to restore those rights to be filed with the court. The process of restoring one’s firearm rights is a very specific process in which the correct paperwork needs to be filed and also provided to the state by delivering corresponding paperwork to the Prosecutor’s office. Hiring an attorney is one of the most effective ways of making sure all necessary steps are taken. The Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer handles multiple firearm restorations every week and are highly experienced in this area, providing you with a simple and effective path to Restoring firearm rights in Washington.

What does the Firearm Restoration Process entail?

In retaining our firm to complete the firearm restoration process we would be able to handle your case from start to finish without you ever needing to step foot into a courtroom. In doing this process, you would only need to keep contact with your attorney to sign a petition restoring your gun rights and your attorney will reach back out to you once we have received a signed order from the Judge, restoring your firearm rights. If you have your gun rights restored at the state level you may want to know what your restrictions are under federal law. Depending on your conviction you may be able to restore your gun rights at the state level, but you will still be under restrictions federally. You may also be restricted to being able to carry only certain types of firearms. There are other key factors that play into the complexity of restoring your gun rights such as mental health and the seriousness of the charge. One of our specialized and trained attorneys will help you to understand what sorts of restrictions you have been placed under and help you navigate this complicated process.

After Restoring firearm rights in Washington, what should I do now?

The best step to take once you have an order reinstating you with your gun rights is to apply for a concealed weapons permit, this will allow you assess if there are any further barriers or issues preventing you from owning, purchasing, or using firearms. As mentioned before you may be able to restore gun rights on the state level, however federal restrictions may still be in effect. For example if you’re hunting on federal land and a federal officer stops you, you will likely be placed under arrest. Understanding your restrictions is crucial in keeping yourself safe under the law. It is also important to keep in mind it may take a few weeks for information to be entered or submitted with the FBI.

If I live in the State of Washington but I have convictions in another state can my gun rights be restored in the State of Washington?

Yes, you have the potential to restore your gun rights if you have convictions in other states but you must find an attorney licensed in the state in which you received your conviction. For example, if you received a conviction in Tennessee which is preventing you from acquiring firearms but live in the state of Washington, you must look for an attorney that practices in the state of Tennessee to help you restore your gun rights. Each state will vary on their rules and regulations on gun rights and eligibility on reinstating those rights so it is important to find a skilled and licensed attorney who will be most suited to help you. The Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer is only licensed to provide the firearm restoration process in the State of Washington. If you are unsure where your convictions occur, pulling a Washington State Patrol Background Check would be a great place to start.

Is vacating or expunging my record and getting a firearm restoration the same thing or included in the process?

No, a firearm restoration is NOT the same as vacating or expunging a conviction. If you are wanting more information on vacating a conviction versus a firearm restoration we would be happy to further provide that information. We provide both services but they vary depending on the desired outcome. To put it simply, a firearm restoration’s main objective is to reinstate one’s gun rights while vacating convictions asserts that certain conditions and requirements have been met, dismissing the convictions. One or both services can be done and if you are interested about one or both services you can speak to an attorney specializing in this area to help you achieve your desired outcome.

In regards to firearm restorations we do not handle the following areas:

  • The restoration of firearms in any State other than Washington 
  • Issues pertaining to gun rights and the FBI
  • Issues pertaining to the restoration of gun rights of Federal convictions
  • NICS Appeals

Contact the Law Office of Erin Bradley McAleer for any further inquiries regarding firearm rights restoration and one of our experienced attorneys will be happy to help.